Logbook Servicing

The qualified team of mechanics at Bayswater Automotive Service can take care of all your routine vehicle servicing. If you have a new vehicle, we can service it using original manufacturer components so that you maintain your factory warranty while still enjoying our friendly customer service. We can also perform minor and major routine servicing on older vehicles using top quality components and lubricants.

Our workshop services and repairs both petrol and diesel vehicles. Make sure your vehicle runs as safely and reliably as possibly by booking in for a service with our team today. To find out more, contact uscontact us.

Brake Repairs

Do your brakes feel under powered? Are they not stopping your car like they once did? You may be in need of brake repairs or servicing. Over time your braking components wear and won't perform as the factory intended them too. We can repair your brakes using quality components from trusted brands such as Bremtec to get your car stopping like new again. To find out more about our brake repairs and services, or to book your car in for repair, contact uscontact us today.

Clutch Repairs

Your car's clutch is responsible for engaging the power produced in your engine and delivering it through to the wheels. Over time the plates that engage this power wear, resulting in slower acceleration and a spongy feeling clutch pedal. If these symptoms sound familiar, or you'd like an assessment of your car's clutch, contact uscontact us today.

Exhaust Repairs

Does your car seem louder than normal? Is your exhaust rattling? We can professionally repair or replace your car's exhaust system to get it running quietly once again. A malfunctioning exhaust is not only loud, but can also result in poor fuel efficiency and reduced power output. To arrange a quote on a new exhaust for your vehicle, or to discuss repairs, please don't hesitate to contact uscontact us.

Fleet Servicing

If you're operating a fleet of vehicles, making sure they're reliable and minimising down time is vital to keeping your costs down. Our expert team will get your cars back on the road quickly and ensure that they're running their best. For more information about our fleet servicing, please don't hesitate to contact uscontact us.

Auto Electrical Repairs & Batteries

As well as performing professional mechanical repairs, our skilled team can also repair auto electrical components for all makes and models. Whether it's an alternator, starter motor, battery or wiring issue, we've got all your auto electrical repair needs covered. We also provide a complimentary change of globes for vehicles that need it when they're in for repair. For more information, or to arrange a quote, contact uscontact us today.

Air Conditioning Repairs

Has your air conditioner stopped blowing cold air? You may be in need of an air conditioner re-gas. Our mechanics can professionally re-gas, service and repair your air conditioning system to keep you cool this summer. For a quote on air conditioner repair, or to find out more, please don't hesitate to contact uscontact us.


At Bayswater Automotive Service, our workshop is equipped with the latest diagnostic scan tools. We can perform scans on all makes and models, quickly diagnosing and repairing any faults that your vehicle may be presenting. If your engine light or any other dash light has come on, contact uscontact us today to arrange a diagnostic scan of your car.

EFI Servicing and Repairs

Your vehicle's EFI system is responsible for delivering the fuel into the engine, how well it does this can have a dramatic effect on the power and fuel efficiency of the car. Our mechanics can professionally service and repair fuel injection systems on all makes and models. To find out more, or to arrange a booking for an EFI service, contact uscontact us today.